Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ok, Ok, so plans change....

So, I intended to make the round neck tops with my delicious Spring Dahlia fabric, but this tutorial from House on Hill Road caught my eye instead! I have to say, it was a bit ambitious for my first major venture as a sewing mommy, but I think that I pulled it off! What do you think? The girls have really enjoyed twirling in them & I just paired them with a cute little tank top and a coordinating messy flower pin to tie it all together. Nothing is cuter than my sweet little tiny tulip's in matching twirling skirts! I have to take advantage of this while I can, because I know that A is not going to let me do it too much longer! Now get out there & make your own twirlin skirt for your little darlin!


  1. Those are super cute! I'd make one, if I didn't have 2 boys and no girls!