Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Shop was Open!

Just thought that I would give everyone a glimpse into the show that I did this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of great new people, vendors & customers! It was set up in a beautiful home in downtown Tallahassee that was built in the '30s. The ceilings were tall & the moldings in the home were beautiful! The home was built by Sara's grandparents & now she & her husband & 2 boys live there. It was such a treat to spend the weekend set up with all of my monogram ware in this lovely home. I was one of 12 vendors (yes, can you believe that her home could hold us all)? We had a lot of fun & now I am enjoying this lovely Sunday with the family (Lily is sleeping now, so I thought I would steal a few minutes for blogging!) And tomorrow, it will be back to work so that I can start filling some of these show orders!!


  1. Hi there! I saw the post on Joy's Hope blog and decided to check out your site and as soon as I opened your site I recognized your stuff...I live in Tallahassee too and it is so neat to see you are here and to have found you through the internet by chance. I love your work it is so creative and great quality! Thanks!

  2. entered your giveaway over at Joy's Hope
    your stuff is so cute

  3. hi!
    i just entered your giveaway at joy's hope!
    oh, i hope i win because your things
    are the cutest!!!

  4. hi - thanks for doing the giveaway at Joy's Hope. your things are just adorable - love them!!

  5. Crystal, I just discovered your site through Joy's Hope. You have the cutest things. I have my fingers cross for luck. Have a great day!