Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great View, Awful Game

So, we get the call from my husband's boss...ya want box tickets to the FSU v USF game on Saturday? ummm, hello, YES! My husband & I are both FSU grads, and of course went to all of the games in college & a few after college. But after kids, it gets a bit more difficult, so lets just say that we havn't been to a game in a while! So, I call my mom, who graciously says yes (as always...thanks mom!) that they will watch the kids. I reschedule a photography appt with my friend Cindy, and we are ready to par-tay! GO NOLES!

So Saturday morning rolls around & we drop the kids off & head over to Doak Campbell stadium, which BTW is gorgeous (way better than when we went to school)! We get into the stadium, head inside & trade our tickets for wrist bands. We then enter the air conditioned elevators & head up, cause it was only about a thousand degrees outside! When we get off the elevators, we head down the hall & pass signs for Ann Bowden's box (wow wee!!) & then 2 more doors & we walk into the most incredible view of the field that i have ever seen! It was amazing, we could see every thing!

Then we look around, and the food and alcohol spread is AH-MAH-ZING! Ribs, pulled pork, mac & chz, chips & salsa, salads & sandwiches, beer, wine, champagne, vodka, crown royal, sodas & mixers-are you drooling yet? And then the host asked when we would like to have our burgers fresh off of the grill with all of the fixins delivered to the box, I mean come on!! We went outside on the deck for the Air Force Jet Flyover, beause they were honoring the military at this game, it was great! We watched the game & then got the instant replays on the 2 flatscreen TVs that were mounted on each corner of the box!

I am now forever spoiled, I don't think that I will be able to enjoy a game ever as much as this one (except maybe watching a game from box seats that we actually win)!!! Maybe next time!

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  1. My lil sis and cousin go to FSU but my whole family is from Tampa, so we had a huge group at this game. And the only thing similar in all the clothing was GOLD, LOL. Great seats wish you had a better outcome!

    Found you on Joy's Hope...You store is AWESOME!